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Our Core services

Rayyan Group is a complete HRD solution provider. Our services start from the time of signing of contact with our customer, and continue till we achieve the desired level of satisfaction.

Head Hunting

Head hunting starts the moment we receive the complete job profile from our client. Our head hunters first go through our databank, and after completely studying the data, they shortlist the desired candidates which is summoned for a personal interview.

Personal Interview is preceded by a short written test and if the candidate qualifies it, then he is interviewed by our technical team.

India, by virtue of its large area and population, is the ideal place for hunting technical and semi-technical categories.

One is very important aspect of head hunting is convincing the prospective candidate about the work culture and salary structure of the company. This not only helps us in getting the right talent but also helps in building our clients image alongside ours.

the other practice, which is age-old, is to place advertisements in leading newspapers, giving the exact details of the job. but it is not necessary that the right man may have read the paper and hence there is every possibility of losing the right candidate.

Head hunting, undoubtedly, is the most important service of a recruiting agent, but there are other numerous services associated with head hunting that must be fulfilled before the final deployment of manpower.


Rayyan Group is also associated with trade testing Institute and Medical Centers. Trade Testing Institutes helps in testing the skills of a person. We have facilities to test types of categories like masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders, drivers, mechanics, HVAC technicians etc. We have well experienced engineers who are capable of testing all categories of candidates. After the testing is complete, grading is given to the applicants on the basis of their performance. For e.g. A candidate with A+ is excellent (80%), whereas the one with ‘C’ is graded incapable.

Visa Processing & Mobilizing

Most of the GCC countries require a medical examination of the candidates before his visa process starts. If the candidate is found medically fit, then we start visa process.


After completing the visa process, we start deploying the manpower.

Our Other services

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Rayyan Group is one of the few recruiting agencies which take full guarantee of the selected candidates. Out tough selection procedure ensure that only top grade candidates are sent to the clients. Hence, you can trust us completely for providing you manpower.

The main key for any organization’s efficient growth is a planned deployment strategy. Since the cost of manpower is the largest cost factor in an organization, we have established to provide excellent staff in all categories skilled, semiskilled, unskilled and professional manpower based on the demand of our clients.

Most of our clients provide us with a deployment schedule along with other documents. A deployment schedule incorporates the place and timing of deployment. Sometimes deployment is also category-wise. Riyyan Groups, we believe that is the team work which can make the difference. Working collaboratively is fundamental to success.

Timely deployment is the key to this entire recruiting process. Accordingly, the candidates are booked for flight and in turn these flight details are given to the client so that they can receive their personnel. At Rayyan Group, we strictly adhere to the client’s deployment schedule.

A ‘model’ Agreement contains The Following: Company’s terms and conditions with the recruiting agent with regards to visa, immigration, tickets (PTAs), deployment period, place of deployment, contact period, etc. Employee’s salary structure and other welfare benefits like benefits, bonus, overtime, duty hours, holidays, etc.

Details of accommodation, transport, food, and other facilities, if any to be provided to the employees. Selection and work guarantee of employees (to be provided by the recruiting agent). Any other clause, which the company might like to include in the agreement.

Power Of Attorney & Demand List : Power of Attorney, as the word suggests, is a letter of authority issued by the company to the recruiting agent authorizing him to select and recruit people on behalf of the client and to deal with the local authorities like consulate/embassy/foreign affairs office.

Demand list is a detailed document, incorporating details of the types of workers to be recruited along with their salaries, duty hours and the total number of workers recruited for each category.

As we mentioned earlier, better the people, stronger the organization. Keeping in mind the hardships ours clients face in getting the visas, we value each and every visa and hence our tough selection procedure helps us in proving the right talent to our client.

After receiving the job profile of a particular trade, form our client we shortlist the candidates either through our data bank, or by advertisement. For each post, we keep at least three prospective candidates ready in order to have a better choice.

All candidates are summoned for a personal introduction and only after that, depending on their capability, we test them practically.

Rayyan Group is one of the few recruiting that is authorized by ministry of labour, Government of India. The reputation of our company is based on the following facts:

International Coverage: With a deep understanding of international manpower recruitment process, we provide perfect hiring solutions to maximize our client’s manpower potential.

Facilitating Your Global Reach: Transcending the geographical barriers, we identify the potential candidates, depending on your requirements by industry, profession and profile.

Robust Methodologies And Workflow: The methods and process we use to deliver la consistent, high quality service brings many benefits to our clients.

Long Term Orientation: We have dedicated team of consultants specializing in key industry sectors to deliver value-added services.

Responsiveness To Client’s Needs: We adhere to a strong and efficient deployment schedule so as to our customer’s timely supply of perfect manpower.

Uncompromising Quest For Headhunting:Our executive search team is competent in selecting all types of professionals ranging from consultants / specialists in the medical field to hardware/software engineering for engineering and technical purposes.

Strong Database: The database development of experienced and qualified staff for our extensive range of clients.

Post Selection Orientation And Travel Arrangements: We have a proven good record to mobilize all categories of manpower from India to overseas market.